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Honest Fact Finding 

Decoding DJ Halli Violence

By an independent committee of civil society members

The incidents of violence at DJ Halli and surrounding areas on the night of August 11th and the subsequent events have left the city disturbed. 4 people have succumbed to the firing and many are injured. Hundreds have been arrested. Private and public property has been damaged. 


Post the event, even as multiple official investigations are ongoing, the circumstances surrounding the controversial social media post, the subsequent violence and police action and the events post it are not clear. A political slug-fest is underway with various political parties blaming each other for the same. There is also a media trial by certain sections of the media which has vitiated the atmosphere further. Statements from certain parties also seek to drive a wedge between communities. 


At the same time, the people of the poverty-struck areas are suffering post the violence as well. Media reports also indicate that many people have been picked up in violation of procedure. 


It is therefore essential for residents of Bengaluru to establish the facts of what happened on the night of August 11th and put it out in public interest. A  team with wide representation of individuals known for their social-developmental work has come together to conduct a fact-finding. They  include lawyers, social workers, researchers, union leaders and other concerned citizens representing a wide range of communities. The list of members who are part of the team is attached. The fact-finding will have an approach which is guided by constitutional values, the protection of human rights and need to restore peace.  


The Committee

Objectives of 

The Committee

  1. To examine if key representatives of the State and its instrumentalities, including those in key political positions, performed their Constitutional obligations to maintain peace and harmony, and the rule of law, in the run up to the conflict and subsequently?

  2. Examining the role of the media around the incident.

  3. To document various facts and factors that seeded the violence, including documenting events leading up to the outbreak of the violence

  4. To listen carefully to the voices of various vulnerable and impacted communities, so as to document facts that could be crucial to ensure the ends of justice is met truthfully. 

  5. To establish the nature of human rights violations due to the violence and the post-violence measures.

  6. To examine the efficacy of the measures undertaken to tackle the violence.

  7. To examine the necessity of several of the post-violence measures enforced.

  8. To examine if the narrative that has been propagated by the state and its instrumentalities has been influenced by the ideological predispositions of the party in power.

  9. To examine if there was harmonious interaction between different arms of the State to perform their designated roles as per law? 

  10. To examine if there were sufficient and adequate steps taken, particularly by the Police, to diffuse the conflict, even avoid the conflict?

  11. To examine if elected representatives cutting across ideological and party affiliations stepped out and made genuine efforts to address the protesters, and dissuade them from turning violent?

  12. To examine if there was any active engagement by religious, inter-religious and political leaders, with the disturbed mob, in an effort to diffuse the situation.

  13. To examine if there were any efforts to help defuse the tense situation by propagating ideas of registering protest in democratic and lawful manner against hurt caused to personal and community feelings, and of expressing discontents in constructive ways.

  14. To examine and document efforts from various religious and political identities in helping build peace, plurality and coexistence in a diverse and interdependent society.

  15. The fact finding needs to also lead to conversations on the need to refrain from any form of religious fundamentalism and explore ways of registering protests and expressing discontent in constructive ways.

Terms of Reference 

The Committee will be guided by a term of reference. Broadly categorized as follows:  Social Media Company Efforts, Police Efforts, Political Efforts, Impact, Post violence Actions and alleged role of the media in targeting and labelling a particular community as prone to violence.